Affiliate Rules and Regulations

Welcome to the Pogo Family! We love helping those in the community earn extra money and hope that you can be very successful in doing so. We encourage you to reach out to your specific audience when advertising, as others are also simultaneously advertising across each city. Please respect the Pogo Pass image and brand and be respectful in your advertising. Please be positive in all promotions and do not include any negativity in your advertising. We appreciate our Pogo Pass Affiliates in helping us spread the word about the savings you can receive with Pogo Pass. You will be given a unique promo code, which allows others to receive a 60% discount on their passes and gives you $5 commission on each pass. You may also promote with a subID link, which gives an automatic discount on the passes and also overrides any other promo code used. 

To create your subID link, login to your affiliate account at:

At the top of the page you will see a running total of your sales and commission each month. On the 1st day of each month, you will see this reset to 0 sales and $0 and you will receive a negative payout (-$ ) commission email, showing you the total amount that you will receive for the previous month’s sales. You will receive your commission by the 10th of each month. 

Underneath your commission, you will see where it says, “My tracking link is” with an empty box. Type a word in the box and click the blue Generate SubID Link button to create your unique URL. You may create as many different links as you choose, to track different promotions you may have. You can copy & paste that url to use in all of your advertising. Link this subID link to a graphic and make a clickable “button” on your website. When a subID link is clicked, it saves to the user’s computer for 30 days. In the case where a promo code and a subID link are both used, the credit will go to the subID link, so this is an important sales tool to use in your advertising. 

Pogo Pass Affiliate Rules & Regulations
  • Your sales rep is your point of contact. They will stay in touch with you, sending you new graphics, new announcements and incentives about the company. Your rep is there to answer ALL of your questions. Please contact your sales rep directly with any concerns you have in regards to Pogo Pass. Please do NOT email or call Pogo Pass customer service.

  • Affiliates MAY NOT promote or advertise the Pogo Pass on any of our venue’s social media sites. This includes direct posts to their pages and in their comment sections.

  • Flyers MAY NOT be distributed at any of our current Pogo Pass venue locations., including parking lots.

  • Affiliates MAY NOT promote or advertise in any PRIVATE Facebook Groups. We have assigned a select number of sales reps to promote in these groups and we do not want to over advertise and damage our company’s reputation. If you post in a private group, you will be asked to remove your ad immediately. Please feel free to post on public pages and your personal/business pages as frequently as you would like. 

  • Affiliates MAY NOT use the name “Pogo Pass” as any part of a social media account name. Our Pogo Pass logo/graphics may not be used as profile images on any social media accounts. We do not want them confused with the actual company social media sites, but feel free to create a “deal site” with a generic name, where you can advertise the Pogo Pass. 

  • Any media that is not sent to you directly from your sales rep, including graphics, video and flyers, must be first APPROVED by your Pogo Pass Sales Rep, before advertising with them. Use graphics that list a CURRENT list of Pogo venues in all advertising.

Your sales rep will notify you of any changes made on the pass, of any special promotions we are running and will provide you with new graphics periodically. Please follow all of the Affiliate Rules & Regulations, as failure to do so, may result in termination as a Pogo affiliate. We are happy to have you on board and hope you will have a lot of success as a Pogo Affiliate. 

You are required to observe and uphold all of the Company’s privacy policies and procedures as implemented or varied from time to time. Collection, storage, access to and dissemination of company private information will be in accordance with privacy legislation.